Outer Banks Freshwater Fishing

June 21, 2013

Spent a day on North River just keeping in touch with the fish and spending the day tinkering with a lure to use when fishing light tackle.  I am trying to make a "beetle spin" type bait run through heavy cover without getting hung up.  I am just about there.  But first I had to check on the largemouth.

The first bass I caught this morning had big bug eyes.  I have not seen many smaller bass with such big eyes.

While I was fishing I had about 20 visitors.  I heard them first, and I wondered what the blowing sound was behind me.  At first I that it might me a black bear, but I was relieved it was porpoises.  I have seen them in North River before, but not this far up river.  You just can see them in the picture.  It was hard to time the photo right as they swam by.

I caught a few more bass and then went back to work on the lure.  Caught some fish with it and took some pictures so you could see the colors of the different fish.

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