Outer Banks Bass Fishing

June 5, 2013

I went to North River today to scout around for a upcoming trip.  I wanted to check the light tackle bite, which has been getting better and better everyday.  I also wanted to hit some banks that I did not fish this spring to see if the bass were there.  The first area I stopped at this morning had white perch schooling.  I picked up the 4 1/2 foot light tackle rod with 4 pound test and went to work.  I ended up catch white perch, yellow perch, brim, and one bass on the little rod.

I put the little rod down and hit the bank to do a little bass scouting.  I caught a bowfin right off the bat.  The bowfin, also called mudfish or blackfish and is a very hard fighter with lots of sharp teeth. 


Then the bass started biting. 

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