Outer Banks Bass Fishing

April 24, 2013

I thought winter was over.  Went to North River today and the water temp fell back to 59 degrees in the morning and the wind is blowing hard northeast 20 - 25 mph with gusts over 30.  The water was blown out as much as I have ever seen other than a hurricane.  North River is not affected by lunar tides.  The wind controls the tides and a strong northeast wind will get rid of the water quick.  Todays trip was to fish a little, but mostly to get a look at what I can see with the water gone.  I found and marked a lot of stumps and logs off the bank that are invisible on most days. 

You can see in the pictures above how much the water is gone.

I had to fish a little while and see how far the fish moved off the bank with the low water.  It didn't take long to find.

The ospreys are back and sitting on the nest.  Boy, I wish I could see fish like they can.

Well one last one and I went back idling around looking for sweet spots for later...but it was hard.  I ended up catching 15 or more fish in the time I spent fishing.  I love low water!!!!!!

Any other day, this turtle would have his feet wet!

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