Outer Banks Bass Fishing

April 17, 2013

Most of my fishing on North River this year has been in the deeper waters up river.  The North River is divided up into two really distinct areas.  The upper river is deep dark tanic water with lots of wood cover such as stumps, logs, and cypress knees.  Today I went to the lower part of the river which is a lot shallower, and very sparse wood cover.  The main cover in the lower sections are under cut banks, grass, duck blinds, and folded over reeds.


The water temp has risen to the middle 60's to start in the morning and near 70 in the afternoon.  I started off with a couple nice fish.

Here is one of many duck blinds in this section of river.


I had a Bufflehead join me some of the trip.  I guess there was a nest near by, because he stayed in the same area.

I ended up catching about 15 fish but the big girls never showed.


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