Outer Banks Bass Fishing

March 20, 2013

The water temperatures are still cold with morning readings at 49 degrees warming up to 52 degrees in the afternoon.  The bass fishing is starting to pick-up even if the water is cooler than normal for this time of year.  Their internal clock must be telling them to start feeding and get ready to spawn.  I say this because today was a scouting trip to see what was going on and they seemed to be up for the task all day.  I again apologize for some of the pictures being washed out.  I have to set the camera up since I am fishing alone, and I think I finally figured it out.  Well the morning started off with a few sold keepers and got better as the water warmed.

As the water warmed the fish started the fish started biting better, but no big girls yet.
I finally figured out that I had to put the camera tilted down to get rid of the glare from the sun and sky.  Around noon (as always for me) the big girls got hungry and joined me for lunch.
Caught a few more and called it a day.

In all I put around 12 fish in the boat and had a great time.  I want it to warm up...but these fish are biting now just like the way I love to catch them.  The panfish are still hard to find right now, but just as soon as the water warms a little more, they will be in here eating everything that moves.

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