Bass Fishing on the Outer Banks

Welcome to Backwater Adventures!!  Our goal is to make sure you have a fun day of catching fish in a place that you had no idea was close to the Outer Banks.  From largemouth bass to catching anything that bites light tackle, we have an adventure just for you.  Look at our website at and you can read all about our adventures from bass fishing, ultra-light fishing, or freshwater fly fishing.   

North River in Currituck County will be the site of most adventures.  Hidden from the busy beach, this secluded tannic river is full of fish and wildlife, but far from people, houses, and stress!!!

Ultra-light fishing is fishing that everyone can enjoy.  Most days the bite comes fast and catches of 100 plus are common.  If you pick this adventure, you will be setup with a small rod and reel with light line so every fish feels like a trophy. 

You can catch up to 10 different freshwater fish like bass, bream, warmouth, shell crackers, bowfin, crappie, white perch (pictured above), yellow perch, and more....

Since we are so close to the ocean, many saltwater fish roam the brackish water of North River.  You can also catch sheephead (pictured above) or red drum (pictured below) and other different young saltwater fish.

 If you have any questions about our adventures, please visit our website at or call us at 252-202-3112

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